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Massage services

Vacation is a time when you want to relax not only with your soul, but also with your body. And if there are no problems with the first one in Sochi, then certain difficulties may arise with the second one. Yes, the resort has hundreds of massage and spa salons. But their services cost a lot of money, which sometimes turns out to be too expensive for the average man in the street.

But what to do in such cases? Is it worth denying yourself the pleasure? No way! To enjoy the wellness treatments performed by an experienced specialist, it is enough to find a hotel with a massage. And if you find yourself on this page, consider yourself lucky. It's not for nothing that Grace Global has a Wellness SPA prefix in its name!

The benefits of massage for body and soul

It is clinically proven that massage helps with various pains and even diseases such as depression. The fact that massage helps to get rid of pain, has a restorative effect on the body and serves as an excellent tool in the fight against depression has been known for several millennia. And the ancient Oriental massage practices that have come down to our days are direct proof of this. Today they have been upgraded and improved, increasing their effectiveness in the fight against:

Post-traumatic rehabilitation;
Nervous system dysfunction, stress;
Headaches, overstrain
Lower back pain.

Moreover, massages are an obligatory part of the rehabilitation program after various injuries, allowing you to "put on your feet" patients who have experienced fractures, concussions and other "troubles".

Massage services at the Grace Global Spa Hotel in Adler

Taking care of the health of its guests, Grace Global offers a full range of wellness massage treatments performed by experienced, certified masters in strict accordance with individual indications. At Grace Global you can use various massage services and relax your body and soul!

Cost of services:

30 minutes................... 1500r/hour.

1 hour........................ 2500r/hour.

The results of the massage can be determined individually with a massage therapist at the hotel.

You can get additional information about massage services, current programs, prices and ask all your questions in any convenient format:

By phone of the hotel: 8-(862)-279-20-54
Through a website or messengers;
At the reception.

We will try our best to make your vacation in Sochi a real "reboot" for you!